Goodbye, WordPress headaches

Are you a content-creating powerhouse that needs help scaling your WP site alongside your business growth? Or in less fancy words: Do you need somebody to tame your website?

WP & SEO Services for content creators

Tapping into WordPress’s full potential…

…will make your life perfect! Umm…well, of course not 😉 . But it will definitely help you to run a more efficient website and business. Here are some of the ways I can lend a hand in making that happen.

Privacy champion, instead of Google lemming

Respect your website visitors’ privacy (no matter where they are on the planet) without losing important insights.

Marie Kondo worthy content organization

Build a content structure (posts, podcasts, recipes…) that’s directed towards your potential customers and their journey.

SEO everywhere (let’s go beyond keywords)

Set up the SEO must-haves correctly. They will inform your strategies and will help you make decisions regarding your website.

Less is more – even for websites

Get rid of everything that’s not necessary and simplify what’s left. It will save you time, money, and lots of swear words.

One content-hub to rule them all

Give all your important content a home on your WordPress website and get more traffic, instead of relying only on social media.

A website that makes YOU, your visitors, and Google happy…

… without changing its design or rebranding it. Yes, good web design is crucial. But as your creator business and WordPress site grows, there’s more to take into consideration to pave a clear path for your visitors and search engines.

Your website is a tireless cheerleader that puts the spotlight on your expertise assertively, yet humbly.
Opens the doors to a virtual library where visitors can freely browse your wealth of knowledge.
Empowers your potential clients to get to know you without algorithms calling the shots.
Instills faith and reliance in you and your offerings.

Ta-da – here’s how we can work together

Don’t worry if neither option fits what you need 100% – we’ll find a way to make it work!

One-time WordPress session

I’ll guide you through up to 2 practical challenges you’re facing with your WP site.

Tailored for content creators navigating new, small, or big WP websites, in need of guidance to address specific concerns
You implement the solutions yourself
We talk through WordPress, on-page SEO, or Matomo Analytics issues
Support at a specific point in time – when the need arises
One recorded call of up to 60 minutes (downloadable)
One-time investment at 150 USD

Ongoing WordPress project

Together, we pinpoint the sections of your WP site that need to be taken to the next level.

Customized solutions for experienced content creators requiring expert help in effectively managing their big website
I implement the changes for you
I’ll work on your WordPress, on-page SEO, or Matomo Analytics issues
Ongoing support for as long as you require it
Regular updates via the channel of your choice: calls, Slack, etc.
Min. investment starts at 1200 USD

If you’re wondering how this looks in real-life, here are…

Examples of a few client projects

Hi, I’m Diana – that person that’s always looking for the devil in the details

I ended my corporate career as a Senior Financial Analyst to join the world of online marketing some 5+ years ago. Funnily enough, after trying different things, I found my way right back to what I love most: analyzing data and approaching problems upside down to then come up with unconventional solutions. By the way, those are words one of my clients used. 🙂

My long-term clients describe me like this:

Solution-oriented: Seeing the big picture and then working my way back to a detailed and organized plan.
Straight-forward: Direct and honest, yet always tactful and never rude.
Ethical and reliable: I do what I say I’m going to do

Are we a good fit? Let’s find out!

What really matters is that we have compatible work ethics. That being said, there are a few points to address before you take the time to get in touch with me.

We’re made for each other if…

You run your website on WordPress.
You are a prolific content creator, for example blog posts, podcasts, webinars, recipes, books, or all of them.
You want to scale your WP site into a go-to resource that attracts great leads and clients.
You value feedback and suggestions, are serious about improving your WP site, and are ready to hand it over to someone else.
You’re not the super serious type and enjoy a good laugh now and then.

Sorry, I’m not the right person for you if…

You use Squarespace, Wix, Contao, or another CMS (content management system) instead of WordPress.
You’re looking for a web designer to build your site from scratch, or to rebrand and redesign an existing site.
You need help with your WooCommerce setup.
You like to micromanage, and it’s hard for you to transfer responsibilities.
You expect immediate responses, so within minutes after sending a request.

Take the first step…

… and get in touch by filling out the form. It gives me a better understanding about your business’s needs. It also helps me to ask you the right questions during our free 20-minute discovery call. This is how it works:

Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and hit the let’s-get-started button.
You’ll receive an automated confirmation email to let you know that your data has been submitted successfully.
I’ll email you to set up our non-binding discovery call one to two business days later.
During or after the call, we decide if we’re a good fit and want to work together.
Application for Discovery Call

We collect and process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

Lingering questions?

Let me know if your question is missing during our Discovery Call!

Wanna read more than just the snippets?

My clients’ complete testimonials

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