Thank you for your curiosity

Just like you, I visit the about page when I consider buying a service or a product. Why? Well, I want to get a better feeling for the person or company I may want to collaborate with.

  • Maybe you’re here because you’re overwhelmed by the thought of maintaining a website for your vegan business. 
  • Or because you’re wondering how to grow your business organically (SEO) and what that actually means.
  • Or maybe…, you fill the gap! You know best why you’re here.

You’ve definitely come to the right spot if you want to get to know me a little better. However, sometimes there’s nothing like having a quick talk with somebody to find out if it’s a good fit. So if you feel up to it, we can jump over to Zoom and have a free and non-binding 20-min call.

Need more information?

Below you can see how my clients feel about working with me. You can read their full recommendations here or in my LinkedIn profile. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Ask for a free 20 min Discovery Call

and find out if we're a good team.

A few tidbits about me

Why I left my corporate job

and started my own business.

Apart from flexibility, the main reason was security. Having my own business gives me the possibility to learn to depend on myself and take care of myself. And that is my definition of security.

Organization freak, me? 100%

And it started at an early age.

Yes, believe it or not, I categorized all my Playmobil figures when I was a kid. I rediscovered my typewritten "lists" in the basement not long ago...hahaha! Now you can't say I didn't warn you.

The countries I've lived in

aka my journey to minimalism.

So far, I've lived in Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Portugal. And one of the byproducts of moving so much is that you learn to get rid of stuff more easily. It's one of the many unexpected perks 😉

Where I'm currently living

...that doesn't mean forever.

My home and heart have been in Spain for a long time now, and after living a nomadic life for the past few years, I needed to reground to be able to focus on my business. I have found that here, in the beautiful university city of Salamanca.

What triggered me to go vegan

Or in this case, I should say WHO.

It all started with Lula, the dog we adopted while living in Mexico. She had been abandoned and was afraid of everything. Seeing her suffer made me realize that animals feel fear, panic, and pain just as we humans do.

Why I choose to live vegan

...and yes, I get enough protein!

Being vegan addresses several topics that I care about: the environment, all animals (not just pets), generational eco-wealth, and eating healthy (WFPB). Let me know if you need help getting started.

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