Hi, I’m Diana – your SEO & WP pro!

I help content creating geniuses transform their WP website into a high-quality resource that attracts the right leads and clients.

To work for myself was never my goal…and yet, here I am!

Sorry, but I’m not going to tell you the same old story that I was a born entrepreneur 😛 . It was never on my radar, and I had a great time working for a Fortune 500 company for more than a decade. Why? Because I had wonderful colleagues, and it allowed me to fulfil my childhood dream: “old-style” working and living abroad. So actually moving to the country, finding a place to live, and yes, paying local taxes – not a 4-month stay in an Air B&B. 😉

So why on earth did I quit? Well, I had grown a little tired of the corporate culture, but I mainly needed a new dare. In the past, I had solved this itch by changing departments or countries. But this time my gut was telling me that I was ready to try working for myself, even if I would fail at it! And as many times in my life, I just went for it…without knowing all the answers.

180-degree pivot to rediscover my core skill: analysis

Why content creators love collaborating with me

In a nutshell, because I’m the yin to your yang (or vice versa).

You’re an expert at creating greatness from scratch. While my talent lies in remodeling the existing into something even better.
Sometimes you get in your own way because you have too many ideas. I can support you in brainstorming solutions when you’re feeling stuck.
I’ll be the one with the “annoying” questions to help you think things through before you hit the Launch button on big changes.
Data, like your website’s content, typically tells me what I need to know. So I don’t need a lot of “hand-holding” and can get started quickly.
I’m analytical as well as creative and approach problems from a different angle, which helps me to come up with unconventional solutions.

A few more tidbits about me

Let’s dive down the WP rabbit hole!

Take a look at my Services to find out how I can upcycle your WP site by downsizing its complexity. If you’re not ready to team up yet, stay in touch with me on LinkedIn.

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