Do these "WP nightmares" sound like yours?

Why is it so slow?

Your WordPress site is loading slowly! However, you're not quite sure what you can do.

SEO...where do I start?

You understand that on-page SEO is more than keywords. But you don't really know what it exactly involves and what to do.

There's too much stuff!

You've created a ton of content over the past years but it's missing a clear structure.

Do I need more security?

You are wondering if your current set-up is good enough and what else you can do.

It's overwhelming!

You're aware that you're not using your site's full potential but don't know what to do first!

It needs some polishing!

Your site feels (and maybe looks) cluttered but the thought of "cleaning" it freaks you out!

Face the problems...

Instead of hiding from them. Take the first step and let me audit your site. It will give you clarity and that “nudge” you needed to get started!

Please note that the audit does not include:

  • WooCommerce or any other shopping-cart-based plugins,
  • Course or membership plugins,
  • Any other 3rd-party SaaS software or plugins that expand the functionality of your website (e.g. LeadPages, Shopify, Calendly, Teachable…).

The package is ideal for you, if...

The package is NOT for you, if...

"Diana did an audit of one of my clients' website from an SEO and speed perspective. Before working with her, we didn't have clarity about what needed to be done to improve the site. Diana provided a thorough report with clear instructions of what needed to be done. It was easy to understand and well laid out. She responded to our follow-up queries in a timely manner and was a pleasure to work with. Happy to recommend her for SEO audits."
Katrina Fox
Founder of Vegan Business Media

Hi, I'm Diana

My creativity kicks in when I look at a lot of information and content. Patterns emerge and I see how to make existing structures, processes, and systems better. You may be thinking “hmmm…nice, but what has that got to do with my WordPress website?” Well, that’s easy, your website is all of that (structures, processes, systems…). I’ve simply taken my skills from my years as a Financial Analyst, and then later Senior Financial Analyst, in a Fortune 500 company and transferred them to something else: WordPress. I love digging into data (e.g. your WP content and set-up), understanding it, and then come up with ways to make it even better. In a nutshell, I love UPCYCLING WordPress websites, so YOU and your website visitors can enjoy the experience even more.

Diana Furber

Frequently asked questions

Around 1 week, depending on my availability and you providing me the data I need. Meaning how quickly we finalize the on-boarding of you as a new client, getting access to your website, etc.

No. However, I will send you a proposal so you know how much you would have to invest if you want me to fix the issues I’ve found.

Yes, of course. You are free to choose who you want to hire to implement my suggestions.

Once I’m done I’ll prepare a written report and send you a link via email from where you can download the pdf file.

No. Sorry, I specialize on WordPress websites. I don’t work on Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or any of the other Content Mangement Systems.

No, the audit is geared toward bigger sites. I recommend you check out my blog posts and use them as reference to maintain your website. Once you’re website is bigger than 50+ pages/posts feel free to circle back to me if you need an audit!

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